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Display Wizard – Who kindly donated our Stand Easy Banner.



almary-picWe are extremely grateful to Almary Green for selecting us for an award this year. Their support will enable us to continue helping veterans.

More than that, we know that the award is exceedingly meaningful to the veterans themselves, knowing that you care enough about them to fund this help in their darkest times.
As Stand Easy is growing and becoming more well known, trusted and respected as a centre for our successful, specific, tailor made treatment in addressing trauma in veterans suffering with PTSD, we are finding that referrals and requests for our help is widening.
 Often veterans are at such a low ebb that finances are difficult for them.
 This award will allow us to continue to expand and fund travel expenses for those veterans who are travelling from further afield.
Stand Easy wish to state their gratitude to:
Simon from Acuprime and
Jim at Balance Health Care for their combined donations of acupuncture needles which goes a long way to giving this vital treatment to our veterans