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“Looking back, it was painfully obvious that I needed help. I’d undergone some counselling sessions a while back, but to be honest they were not of any benefit to me at all. I found them frustrating and they just made me anxious, knowing that the reception wasn’t going to be particularly welcoming. It wasn’t making what I was going through any easier. It simply ticked someone else’s box.

“What I’ve learned since is that the past is the past – I can’t change it. But instead of dwelling on it, I’m getting rid of it, asking myself whether it’s really important.

“I remember that even after the first session [with Stand Easy], there was a buzz. I had a spring in my step. I wasn’t sure what had just happened, and in a way I’m still not, but I just felt more confident. I’d always been confident in my abilities at work, but what I’d been doing was throwing myself too much into that, and I was destroying everything else and everybody around me. Even in that very first session, I learned it was important to balance things – your life and work and your whole wellbeing. We identified that I was totally exhausted. It was like I was running on 20 per cent power.

“I remember saying early on, ‘I know this is going to be a long process, but I feel great.’ But Naji said, ‘No, this is not going to be a long process. You’re almost there now.’ After four or five sessions I realised, actually, that there’s no need for it to be a long process, because my energy levels had lifted, I was thinking more clearly, physically I felt good, and I was bumping into people who were saying, ‘My god, you look well.’”

Ricky, former Royal Marine

“I’m sleeping a lot better, I’m eating better, I’m more likely to get out of my routine, which is a very good thing. I had a lot of anger and stress, and now I’m generally happier in myself. Some of the other lads have seen the difference in me too – even our mental health nurse said, ‘God, you’re looking well!’ They can see a change. I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping – I’d wake up sweating and I had to have new pillows every month. But since I’ve been having this treatment I haven’t been having nightmares. I’m going to bed happily and because I’m sleeping better, I feel better. And that’s in little more than a month.”

Colin, former RAF mechanical engineer

Hi Naji, just to let you know I talked to my psychologist ‘re our issue of the clash of therapies. She was very responsive and open in our discussion. I explained how trying to produce a time line had caused me anxiety and trauma over the two weeks of trying to complete the activity. I explained how the night terrors were returning. I explained to her how I felt after my sessions with the Stand Easy charities acupuncture. I’m still not sure myself how it works and I’m just going with the flow. Accepting it as help which makes me feel better. After the first session my whole aura felt changed, I felt an energy, hope was returning. My body felt like a weight had lifted. It was as if I’d been given a gift, which has given me permission to say… .it’s going to be ok, my trauma is still there as memories but with the emotions seemingly detached from the images and pictures in my head. I feel lighter, calmer. Over the next 48 hours it felt like I was defrosting my emotions and body. My pain levels have reduced. I’m still unsure how to understand what’s happened. I have been feeling a spark back in myself. I still have mood swings and behaviour and emotional understanding issues but I’m in a better place where I’m able to start allowing myself to move forward. I can feel better with less headaches and less brain fog. I’m extremely grateful to Naji for his support and help. He’s given me the start to my recovery and I am able to feel I can now go with the flow in a more positive way. The sessions Stand Easy have gifted me are changing not just my outlook on life. By lifting my trauma and reducing my emotional and physical pain levels my life is changing and also my whole family’s life is changing in a more positive way. Thank you Stand Easy and Naji.

Thank you Naji. X

Caroline, former Royal Army Medical Corps

Have just been for my second treatment today, After the first I felt so much better even after walking out of the room. It’s a feeling I can’t explain, I just knew whatever had happened it was good. After my second treatment today I am literally buzzing with joy. If I was anymore relaxed I would be asleep. I don’t know what this man does to me and I don’t care. I feel like a new person I have my life back on track. There are no waiting lists, there is no paperwork. You just go in have a little chat and get on with it and then go home. Thank you Stand Easy

Darren, former Royal Logistics Corps


Working with Naji has literally turned my life around.  I spent over 20 years in the Forces as an Officer and carried the trauma of what I had witnessed into my life as a civilian.  I was like a shadow person – physically in the room but never present in reality.  I suffered nightmares and had an extremely heightened startle reflex.  I found that the traditional ‘talking’ treatments made me worse.

I was at a very low point when I met Naji and was stunned to find that I felt calmer after just the first treatment.  It felt as if the volcano inside me had grown weaker.  Now, after just 6 weeks I feel much, much better.  I am able to control my negative thoughts, I am sleeping better and not jumping at every loud noise.  Yesterday, whilst walking in town, I was startled by a car back firing.  Although I jumped, I immediately understood I was not in danger and was able to control my emotions and return to calmness rapidly.  I cannot emphasise enough the difference the treatments have made to my life and that of my family.  Thank you Naji from the bottom of my heart.

Simon, ex Army (Officer)

“I had 18 sessions of CBT which didn’t do anything. Then I was offered Rapid Eye Movement Desensitisation but only once I was stabilised so I was put on a load of medications. Then I found out about [Stand Easy] and what he does is amazing. How it works I don’t know but it does. I’m off all my medications now.”

Robert, ex Army

“I went to [a military charity] because I was crying all the time, didn’t know why, and they just shoved me on pills. They [the pills] were sending my memory all bad and I thought there had got to be another way.  I’ve stopped taking them now, since seeing Naji.  I’ve got a lot to cope with at home and I wasn’t coping before. Now, since seeing Naji, I’ve dealt with stuff which, before, would have sent me over the edge but it hasn’t  – I’ve just got on with it.”

Darren, ex Army

“Hi, I’m doing good at moment thank you so much for your help. Xxx it’s changed my life around. Thank you.”

Caroline D., ex Army 



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