About Us

We are a charity, founded in 2015, that aims to treat veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with acupuncture.

We have had outstanding success in treating PTSD with acupuncture – more than 90% of the veterans we have treated report that their symptoms have dramatically improved, if not ceased entirely. We are unique amongst all the charities treating veterans in that:

  • There is no waiting list. We will see you as soon as possible.

  • There is no need to talk about the traumatic events which caused the PTSD, if you do not wish to.

  • Our treatment protocol is fast and it is effective – often, only one acupuncture session is needed for the veteran to feel transformed, although most veterans come for, on average, 10 sessions.

  • Treatment is completely free to veterans.

Every day, we see veterans walking into our clinic, hunched over, haunted looking. After their treatment session, they are smiling, their eyes warmed by joy, often for the first time in years.

We were inspired to create Stand Easy in response to a BBC panorama documentary “Broken by Battle”. It highlighted the number of troops returning with PTSD, often struggling to readjust to civilian life, some dealing with nightmares, flashbacks and depression. Others feel cut off and disconnected, having seen too much and now being asked to fit back into a world where others can never understand. Often family relationships break down, increasing the sense of isolation and resulting in an ever downward spiral. The number taking their own lives is high.

We were deeply moved by these human stories and began to realise we had skills which made us uniquely equipped to offer help.

Our primary practitioner is Naji Malak. Naji is an Acupuncturist with over 35 years of experience in the field of restoring health and well-being.

In 1998 he created Elements of Health, a holistic health centre which is now the home of Stand Easy.

Naji was born in Beirut. During the Lebanese civil war he treated soldiers, civilians and prisoners of war who had been traumatised by their experiences, and so is familiar with the suffering and trauma caused in combat zones. The rehabilitation of service personnel has always been close to his heart. His training in acupuncture was driven by his desire to treat emotional, mental and physical trauma, and he has been trained in battlefield acupuncture techniques used by the American military to alleviate pain and reduce stress. He also has experience in treating drug and alcohol addiction.

In August 2016 Naji (FBAcC) was awarded a Fellowship of the British Acupuncture Council in recognition of the work that he does in particular with the veterans of HM Forces.