Stand Easy’s FAQs, here is a list of commonly asked questions that might help? If you are unsure but are keen to find out more, please use the button below.

How long do I need to wait for an appointment?

We aim to provide appointments swiftly within a few days of calling.


I live far away can I still receive treatment?

Yes, we can book you two or three appointments on consecutive days. Most people find the acute symptoms are resolved pretty much straight away although you are welcome to return for follow-ups.

How much does it cost?

We offer three sessions free to all who have served and are feeling adversely affected. Following these sessions, we ask for a 50% contribution to any further treatments. You are welcome to continue treatment beyond this although we do then ask for a donation.

I've not served in the military can I still receive treatment?

We recognise the need for treatment for those in other walks of life, particularly the emergency services and those caught up in traumatic events. We currently offer our services on a private basis.


Will it go on my record?

Appointments are confidential and do not go on your record. We are an independent service.

It's many years since I served, can I still get treatment?

It doesn't matter how recently or long ago - many of our clients served in the Falklands and N. Ireland, some as far back as Aden and Malaya as well as more recent conflicts. Those benefiting from our services have ranged from 18 to well into their 80's. Sometimes symptoms are immediate, sometimes triggered by an event later in life. Sometimes we find veterans who have been dealing with PTSD for years attempting to find a resolution.

Do I need a formal diagnosis or referral?

No, self-referral is fine. We believe individuals know when they're not feeling right. You don't need to be formally labelled PTSD to receive our assistance - some of our clients have full-on intense symptoms while others have a more general sense of just 'never felt right, never felt themselves' since returning.

If you feel you could benefit from our services just call or email for an appointment. (Please avoid Facebook messaging, social media is not our strong point.)

How long does treatment take?

The average session is around 30 minutes. Everyone is individual, however feedback from clients has been that progress is fast and effective, often reporting a 'sense of something lifting' and starting to feel more themselves again after just the first session. Further sessions build on restoring well-being, vitality and a return to enjoying life again as well as addressing any other physical symptoms.

Do I have to talk about the trauma?

No. It is not necessary in order to receive treatment and often no more appropriate than requiring someone who's just had a road traffic accident and is clearly in shock to sit at the roadside and 'explore their feelings'. In that state, it's near impossible to effectively access emotions or have the energy to process them. The trauma has to be neutralised before anything else. Hence there is no obligation or pressure to 'talk about it'. After a simple greeting, we just get on with the treatment. Once symptoms are relieved, individuals may or may not wish to discuss issues further.

We aim to treat all with respect. We see individuals, not 'patients'. We do not encourage a mental health label as we do not feel it is particularly helpful; we all have ups and downs in life, some greater than others. We simply happen to have the skills and knowledge to be able to offer a helping hand in this particular area. We usually find that once the trauma is lifted people are as sane or otherwise as they were prior to the PTSD

These are just a few points. If you know anyone who may benefit please share with them, thank you.