An outstanding testimonial

Here at Stand Easy, we love to hear feedback from those who have visited us and seen a dramatic improvement in their condition. It's this type of feedback that makes us proud to be offering something so unique and effective.
Recently, we received a testimonial that we felt we had to share with you:

"I first went to see Naji a couple of years ago when I was struggling to adapt back into civilian life and what is considered as anormal lifestyle.

I could not get my head around all the unimportant, trivial issues that people had in everyday life, that combined with not being able to let go of the past wore me down to the point where I honestly didn’t want to be here anymore.

I had been to see multiple doctors and therapists and one thing the majority of them had in common was pushing medication on me from the word go.

At the start, I avoided medication as I always thought it would be on my record forever and that was a “terrible thing”. So when I felt I couldn’t switch off and I was hypervigilant, anxious, nervous, snappy and my head was going at such a rate it was going to explode I self-medicated with recreational drugs.

This affected every aspect of my life, this happened without me actually realising what a mess I had got myself into just trying to cope day today. Eventually, I decided to give medication ago, I have been on three types of medication all starting at the lowest dose and all built up to the maximum dose but some days I would just take three times the maximum dose because I just did not care!

When I served my life was simple. Be the best soldier I could possibly be, stay alive so I can see my friends and family again and keep my fellow lancers alive so they could see their friends and family again!

Naji gave my life back to me and gave me the mental capacity to be nice to people instead of isolating myself and avoiding people. I felt so bogged down with everything running around my head and Naji lifted all that in just one session.

All the other professionals I have been to see except one just made me feel like a number and all they wanted was a tick in their box and a pat on the back. To them I’m a statistic, they don’t care. Naji does!

The first time I met Naji, immediately he made me feel at ease and comfortable which was very rare for me. No small talk, sugar-coated nonsense straight to it and straight to making me feel better. After my first meeting, I turned and looked out the window and the sky was so blue everything seemed so refreshing and beautiful and Naji just smiled and shook my hand. Since then I’ve been back to Naji for a top-up session again instantly making me feel better. Najis charity is truly amazing and I owe him so much for giving me my life back and letting me move forward with a huge weight lifted. Thank you Stand Easy and thank you Naji."