Choosing Change and why it’s crucial to Get Help for PTSD


It’s okay not to be okay, and if you are on this page, it is because you are searching for something, a solution to how you are feeling. Standeasy was set up to support Ex-Service personnel and the public. We are here to be an ear if you need us, but our treatments do the talking. 


Choosing change can be the biggest step.

Coming to the realisation that you need help can be uncomfortable, so we are always pleased to receive your enquiry and begin the healing process with you. If you are researching for someone else, this is fine, too, and sometimes it takes intervention to start someone's journey.  


Change can be a scary place, and our treatments are simply designed to help you naturally process your PTSD. 

Post-Taurmatic Stress Disorder can be brought on through all types of situations, and buried emotions surface. All you really need to know is that Naji Malak is here to help you and the small dedicated team in Norwich see patients from across the UK.


We are often referred by others who have seen us and benefited from our Acupuncture. Some are sceptical, but few will doubt the power of change that Naji can provide. His skills are honed by years of helping people just like you. 

Charity formed to provide help for servicemen

How else can I help myself? 

Once you take the step to visit us for your consultation, it can be the most significant step to recovery you will ever make. Choosing to have better days will bring you a sense of relief. This will allow you to do more, get out, exercise and benefit from the help you’ve received. You will feel empowered to accept change and take steps in your life to impact you and others around you positively. 


PTSD for Domestic Abuse

All too often, we receive enquiries from victims of domestic abuse who may not realise they are suffering from PTSD. The trauma surfaces and affects day-to-day life, functioning and happiness. It is crucial to realise that many types of incidents can trigger PTSD, and the importance of getting it diagnosed and treated cannot be overstated.  If you are unsure of the signs, here are PTSD Symptoms to look out for in yourself or your loved one. 


What can you expect? 

Expect to be welcomed to the clinic, and you will be able to come in and relax. Naji will explain the process for the treatment, and we can often treat very quickly from the first session, as we know that once you take that step to reach out, it is very important to see you as soon as possible. 



What outcomes can I expect?

It is our goal to help you to come through your PTSD and start to get your life back. This can be simple things from better sleep and reduction in mood swings. It may take a few sessions to help you, but please do take the time to watch our videos and read testimonials from people that we have helped.   


How you should begin to feel:

  • Less Anxcious 
  • Fewer nightmares, if this is a symptom for you
  • Lifting from depression
  • Reduced sense of isolation 
  • A better capacity for relationships
  • Less self-destructive thoughts and habits 


Some of our patients begin to work out again when they feel stronger emotionally. If you want to get into your fitness again, consider going to the Gym, or if you are not ready for that yet, companies like Mirafit sell home gym equipment. 


What next?

Well, please take the time to enquire with us using the form, or if you want more information, please use the form or email us at [email protected]. Stand Easy is a charity set up to support our ex-service personnel. We also treat anyone else who is suffering from the suspected signs of PTSD. This can be from any source of trauma, so if you feel like you are not in control, it is important to seek help. Naji and our small team look forward to welcoming you to our Norwich-based clinic, which is ideally situated not far from two car parks and within walking distance from Norwich Market Taxi Rank.